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Cyber Security Community Support Program

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

In response to the global pandemic and massive movement to a remote workforce, HyperProtect is offering consulting and solutions to Rochester area organisations who are looking for guidance on how to securely enable their remote workforce.

We are committed to supporting the greater Rochester area and doing our part while we all work through these new circumstances. We will prioritise essential services such as municipal, education, healthcare etc…and reserve the right to refuse assistance to protect the service delivery of our current clients and honour commitments made.

Given the nature of our business we work exclusively and extensively with our technology partners.

We recommend organisations reach out to any of these partners in the area to get us engaged:

You may also reach us direct at 877.729.3527 or via live chat on our website.

The details of the offering are as follows:

  • Free deployment and usage of our Sentinel One Complete advanced endpoint protection for 60 days, up to 25 endpoints per organisation. 24×7 monitoring and & incident response is not included

  • Free Security Posture Assessment and guidance

  • Free Alien Vault deployment audit for those clients who have Alien Vault and want to make sure they have complete visibility

  • Free Darkweb scan against your organisations email domain

  • Free usage of the Breach Detection System for 60 days

    • Choose one cloud integration to enable account takeover related activities (Office 365, GSuite, AWS or OKTA)

    • Windows agent deployment to domain controllers

    • Setup and knowledge transfer is included

    • 24×7 Monitoring & Incident Response not included

  • Free HyperProtect Remote Access for 60 days – Get rid of your VPN and provide ultra secure access to your internal applications for up to 10 users

    • Does not include optional appliance for easy setup and deployment

    • Includes initial setup and knowledge transfer

    • Protects your users from key-logging, screen-scraping, clipboard tampering and soon, session recording (movie replay)

We look forward to supporting the community that has supported us.

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