Straight Talk On Mid-Pandemic Cyber Security

Updated: Jun 4, 2020


I have been thinking for a couple weeks now on what I wanted to share, how it should be shared etc.. I am glad I thought instead of wrote and shared in haste.

As it relates to enabling knowledge workers to remain productive and  secure while remote, It should have been a non-event.

What I’ve seen is propaganda by vendors, reaction and regression with clients. None of it was necessary. That said, we do have many clients who have done a world class job preparing and reacting.  They knew enough to look for help ahead of time and that says a lot!

Clients have repeatedly asked me what does this mean for HyperProtect and how will it effect service. Even when the questions came to us early and a few details were still to be laid down internally, the answer was still quite simple because the answer is the same for us without the pandemic situation.

We have policy, we have controls, monitoring and an incident response plan in place for 365 days a year, not for a pandemic. We had to write a couple internal / external communication emails and deployed updated hardware to staff is really the net of the impact for us at least.

The Point

In the cyber security context, today’s “remote workforce” problem is not due to the Pandemic, it is due to an organisations collective failure to do the right things one day at a time over the last few years.

How do projects get years behind? One day at a time is the answer. To follow that up, there is a polish saying of “Sleep faster, we need the pillows”. Therefore, it cannot be expec