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You Can Count On The HyperProtect Red Team.

Penetration Testing

Many clients and partners come to us looking for a penetration test to validate their security posture, highlight gaps, or help enable compliance. No matter what the reasoning is, regular penetration testing is a sound practice to identify security gaps and avoid potential issues that can have a significant impact on your organisation.


HyperProtect has invested in and formed the HyperProtect Red Team to focus on high-quality penetration testing engagements that provide insights into obscure security gaps whether it is physical security, Wireless, external or internal network security we work with clients to determine an appropriate scope of work based on client goals and where they are at in their cybersecurity maturity journey.


Affordable Vulnerability Assessment Services

Vulnerability scanning and assessment is a core strategy needed for any organisation regularly. While we recommend scanning for vulnerabilities every week with regular patching immediately after, not every organisation is there in their cyber maturity journey.

Our vulnerability assessment includes raw data from the scanning tool(s) leveraged but also our weighted opinion of the risk involved, including the severity of the risk, the likelihood the risk will occur based on the client environment, and recommendations to remediate those vulnerabilities efficiently.

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