SOC Managed Secure PBX

Secure your voice network for local and international calls.


Service Overview

Product and Service offering for the telecommunications industry, Our software and managed service uses innovative methods to protect and minimise risk across your PBX network and hosted customers.


Solutions for:

Jurisdictional least cost routing 

TDoS Protection

Fraud prevention


Robocall prevention

Analytics & Reporting

Toll Fraud

Toll fraud is the theft or unauthorized use of long-distance phone service. Toll fraud takes many forms but is especially prevalent in phone systems that have not been secure or where lax security measures are in place. Toll fraud is a problem worldwide, and fraudsters can easily rack up tens of thousands of dollars in long-distance charges before the phone's administrator is even aware of a problem. fraudsters artificially generate a high volume of international calls on expensive routes. Fraudsters make calls to what is known as premium-rate numbers and take a cut of the revenue generated from these calls.

How does Toll Fraud work?

Fraudsters generally infiltrate your telephone system by using various techniques that help them guess the passwords for voicemail boxes. It is relatively simple for most fraudulent operators to access your telephone system if your passwords are easy to guess or if you haven't modified the default passwords issued when the telephone system was activated.



We collect a list of high-risk and invalid numbers from a variety of sources
Customer reported fraud attacks
Industry fraud prevention groups
Advertised premium rate numbers

How We Integrate?

Secure Voice Network

Integration into our solution is simple. It can be accomplished by using standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) signalling. These messages can be exchanged directly or through either a TLS proxy or inline proxy. Create a SIP trunk pointing to our solution and put it at the top of your routing table. Your network will send SIP INVITEs to us as if it were a normal SIP trunk. This connection can be either directly from your PBX, or SBC. Our solution will then perform the services configured for the call and return a standard SIP message to the device so that it either allows, diverts or blocks the call.

Fraud Analysis

HyperProtect uses SIP Analytics to perform dynamic fraud analysis before call setup. It automatically learns the call traffic patterns for each subscriber/trunk and destination. It can detect and prevent fraud attacks in milliseconds while legitimate calls continue uninterrupted It’s the fastest, easiest, most precise way available to detect and prevent telecom fraud. 


No user intervention is required. Fraud attack blocking affects only those calls from specific victim(s) to the attack destinations. Normal calls continue processing.

Attack response options include:
Automatic Blocking
Call Teardown
Notification by text, email, or Webhook

Managed Bundles

  • The managed bundle pricing is based on the amount of call volumes measured monthly.


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