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Web Security Gateway Solutions

Web security gateway solutions ensure that every internet request is evaluated for security threats and blocks threats before they happen. Depending on the research you read and data source, SSL is between 52 and 75% of your internet traffic, and SSL is where the bad guys deploy bad things.

If you have a “content filter” used within your firewall or your endpoint solution, it is simply not enough. Every organisation must have a web security gateway solution that leverages full proxy features and inspects SSL for maximum visibility into your traffic and the most effective protection of your users and workstations.


Centre of Excellence

With a fully deployed web security gateway you can be sure that your policy follows your users and is always on across all machines within your organisation. Common threat vectors such as phishing are significantly controlled by deploying a web proxy.


HyperProtect has enabled a Centre of Excellence for Cisco Umbrella and Zscaler, two world-class solutions that scale from the micro smb through very large enterprise. All security telemetry feeds into the HyperProtect SOC for real-time analysis and the ability to take programmatic action should traffic need to be blocked or allowed.


Managed Email Security

Over 70% of Ransomware related attacks and other Advanced Persistent Threats are phishing related. A proper Email Security Gateway and purpose-built advanced phishing protection are a must-have for modern-day businesses. Many clients we talk to have basic spam filtering services built into their email provider solution or an alternative low-cost solution.


Email security is one security gateway that has to be taken seriously and must have the proper security safeguards in place to make sure that the phishing email that can impact your business never hits your users mailbox and if it does it is still protected through after the click protection methods such as link wrapping or URL-rewrites. HyperProtect offers the best of breed, low cost and an effective solution powered by Proofpoint a market lead email security and DLP provider.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A primary objective for external attacks, phishing, and other attempts is to compromise your user accounts. Once the bad actor has compromised the account and can log in, significant damage can be done. The good news is that this is avoidable. With the proper MFA solution and strategy, account takeover can become an insignificant event that never impacts your environment.


Like all HyperProtect security solutions, it all feeds back into the HyperProtect SOC to provide a more comprehensive view of your organisation and allow us to take action so that you don’t have to.


Remote Access

Security breach headlines continue to occur with the primary security gap being the organisations VPN, enabling contractors, and remote employees access to much more than it should. If your organisation is enabling VPN to connect users with applications, we can help remove the risk of VPN solutions, improve end-user experience, application response time and add additional security layers like DLP and alarms that feedback into your HyperProtect SOC for continuous monitoring and incident response.

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